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Hey there, my name is Alex Edwards, and I’m the Owner, Chief Editor, and Director of Betterbeds.com.au.

“Where we work harder to find you the best mattresses online, to help improve your every night sleep.”

Did you know that humans spend around 1/3 of their lives sleeping?

Some of us sleep all through the night, uninterrupted, and wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.

On the flip side, those who have trouble sleeping often can’t fall asleep for hours, only dream of sleeping through the whole night, and cringe at the sound of their morning alarm.

Which camp do you fall in?

While I hope it’s the first, if it’s the latter, Betterbeds.com.au is just the place for you. Here at Betterbeds.com.au, we believe that great sleep starts and ends with a proper mattress.

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So, our sleep experts decided to research, hand-test, and review the top mattresses on the market to help you choose the perfect one because everyone deserves quality sleep.

Wouldn’t you agree?

However, you might be wondering…

“Why should I trust you guys?”

It’s a great question, and our answer is best told with a short story. It all began after I graduated, started working, and hence, started developing back problems from sitting all day at the office. From there, my pain grew worse, and it was causing me to lose hours of sleep every night, spilling over into other aspects of my life. I was irritable, had permanent bags under my eyes, and felt a general lack of motivation for pretty much everything. I wasn’t myself anymore!

Then, I began to do my research. I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there feeling this way due to improper sleep. So, I tried every pillow I could find and every sleeping position until I decided to make the best investment of my life–my mattress. Now, five years later, that mattress is still going strong as ever, and I’ve never felt better.

Today, my mission is to share what I’ve learned on my sleep journey with you in hopes of bringing sleep to the sleepless. Join us today here at Betterbeds.com.au by checking out our Homepage and getting started!