Best Mattresses For Bad Backs, Australia (2020)

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If you have back problems, one area that could have the biggest impact on pain relief is your mattress. When we sleep, our bed facilitates our posture, and the level of support makes all the difference in how well your muscles and ligaments, including your back – relax, recover, and rejuvenate.

According to medical research, here are the best mattresses for back pain relief.

Mattresses for Back Pain – Reviews

At A Glance:

While looking for the best mattresses for back pain, we’ve considered different brands’ firmness, design, sizing, trial periods, and warranties to find you the top options to fit your needs and budget.

Top Picks: 5 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Best Overall Best Overall Tontine Comfortech
  • Best mattress for back support
  • Machine washable quilted cover
  • Cooling memory foam
Value Pick Value Pick Naptime Memory Foam Mattress
  • Designed with hypoallergenic latex
  • Bamboo knitted fabric
  • Perfect for back, side or stomach sleepers
Onebed X
  • Increased firmness
  • Take the pressure off
  • Foam and spring support
Slumba Hybrid Mattress
  • Firm, supportive and comfortable
  • Layered with premium memory foam
  • No partner disturbance
Sumbato Mattress
  • Pressure reducing foam technology
  • Durable high density core support foam
  • Machine washable cover

1.Tontine Comfortech (Best Overall)


  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, & King
  • Trial: 100 Night Risk-Free Trial with Free Shipping & Returns
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

It’s no surprise that the memory foam mattress by Tontine is at the top of our list. Their Comfortech mattress offers medium firmness and guaranteed zero partner disturbance.

The unique design includes a base layer of premium body-contouring memory foam, making this the best mattress for back support.

It has two gel-infused layers for maximum comfort while keeping you cool. Finally, the mattress is finished off with a plush pillow top adding to the luxurious sleeping experience.

The gel-infused memory foam of the Tontine Comfortech offers solid back support and cooling for overheated muscles.

To top it all off, the Tontine Comfortech comes with an easy to remove machine washable cover, making it easy to keep your bed fresh and comfortable for years to come! With this one of a kind design backed by Tontine’s risk-free trial, this is without a doubt our best mattress for lower back pain that we reviewed.

2. Naptime Memory Foam Mattress (Value Pick)


  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, & King
  • Trial: 30 Night Trial
  • Warranty: 15 Year Warranty

Naptime offers the best value mattress for back pain sufferers with its signature foam mattress with bounce-back technology. This mattress is designed with three layers of foam specifically designed for comfort and hygiene.

The top layer is made with Naptime’s open-air foam technology for support and airflow, and the second layer is gel-infused foam to give you a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

Naptime’s patented material is also designed with hypoallergenic latex, and a breathable bamboo knit cover to keep away dust mites and other crawlies from your mattress.

3. Onebed X


  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, & King
  • Trial: 125 Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Warranty: 15 Year Warranty

The Onebed X is a fantastic hybrid mattress, giving sleepers with back pain the best of both worlds: foam and spring support. This mattress is built with five layers increasing in firmness, so you get the soft weightless comfort of the plush upper layers with all of the support of the super dense foam and firm pocket springs in the bottom layer.

Our favorite part of this mattress is the bottom two layers. The base includes five zones of pocket springs creating a varied support system to meet all your curves’ needs.

The springs are surrounded by dense foam that creates the perfect amount of support to relieve your back pain. Right on top of this layer is a charcoal-infused layer of foam that helps eliminate odor and moisture, so your mattress will feel good as new for years!

4. Slumba Hybrid Mattress


  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Sizes Available: Queen & King
  • Trial: Not Offered
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty

Slumba offers another medium-firm hybrid mattress built with a combination of layered foam and pocket coil springs to give you the perfect level of support and comfort for a great night’s sleep. The layered design creates plush comfort that allows you to sink into the mattress, while the pocket springs offer the support you need to keep your back aligned and relieve pain.

The springs are surrounded by eight inches of dense motion isolating foam, so you’re never disturbed by your partner’s movements. This is topped by one layer of moisture-wicking bamboo charcoal infused foam and one layer of gel-infused foam to keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest nights.

5. Sumbato Mattress


  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, & King
  • Trial: 100 Morning Trial
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty

The final mattress on our list is the affordable Australian made Submato Mattress. This one is made with a pressure reducing foam technology, so it hugs your curves while still creating the perfect amount of support and alignment for your back.

This durable mattress is also made with high resilience foam wrapped in an easy to remove, machine washable cover, so you can be confident that it will last for the long haul to keep you and your partner comfortable.

Finally, Sumbato’s risk-free trial lets you try out their mattress and offers a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Any returned mattresses are donated to an Australian charity to help those in need get a great night’s sleep, or they will completely recycle the material for future products.

Buyers’ Guide

Whether it’s time for you to replace your old worn down mattress or your current mattress doesn’t offer the support you need for your back discomfort, choosing the right mattress for back pain can be a tricky process.

When searching for a mattress to help relieve your back pain, the number one factor will always be your comfort. Everyone has unique needs and comfort levels, so a mattress perfect for one type of back pain may be less optimal for another. To help narrow down your choices and help you find a comfortable mattress that will also be great for your back, you should consider the following.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause or worsen lower back pain.

Ideal Mattress Firmness for Back Pain

Studies suggest that the best mattress for back pain is a medium-firm mattress (2). While individuals may prefer different firmness levels, medium-firm mattresses offer just enough give to allow pressure points to sink into the mattress while maintaining a firm core to support your back and keep it in alignment.

That being said, your sleep style and weight can change the firmness you need in your mattress, as well as how your mattress will affect your back pain. For side sleepers and light sleepers, a slightly softer mattress will provide extra give to allow you to still sink into your mattress. Additionally, for back sleepers and much heavier sleepers, extra support from a firmer mattress will cradle you without letting your body sink down too much.

[Your mattress] should be firm enough to support your shoulders and hips and buttocks without sagging and should keep your spine straight. Surfaces that are too soft or too hard can aggravate a sore back.

Suitable Mattress Types for Back Pain Relief

The mattress’s support structure will be what cradles your spine and gives you the support you need. However, this too will be a matter of personal preference depending on whether you like a more solid or bouncy feel, even if most experts suggest medium-firm is the number one way to go.

Pure foam mattresses come in a wider range of firmness levels and are designed to relieve pressure points and support the spines of a wider range of individuals via layering and paneling. Innerspring mattresses give more bounce than foam, offering slightly less support, but making up for it in the overall price.

A great medium between memory foam and innerspring mattresses is the hybrid option; where support plus firmness may help ease back strain.

These mattresses are generally pocket springs surrounded by foam and topped with layers of varying density foam. Hybrid mattresses provide sleepers with the support of sturdy springs and the comfort of plush foam. 

Not all hybrid mattresses are ideal for relieving back pain, but a medium-firm hybrid mattress may be one solution that works for you. 

Materials and Their Role with Mattresses for Back Pain

Starting with foam mattresses, they are available in a wider range of firmness and are better for adjustable bed frames, so you can be sure to find a mattress that will work for your pain-needs.

In contrast to pure foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses are made with steel coiled springs wrapped in a light foam and outer fabric. The springs offer firmer support for back pain relief, though some sagging can occur over time (another reason to swap your mattress regularly throughout the years). Zones of different strength springs can create unique support sections for each area of your back, and many mattresses boast special lumbar support that addresses pain relief

Finally, there are hybrid mattresses with a combination of both foam and innerspring materials, which give you the best of both worlds.

Many mattresses are also made with different textures and materials for the outside cover, significantly impacting relieving pressure and overall comfort. Switching to a medium-firm mattress to help relieve back discomfort may feel like snoozing on a rock if you normally prefer a softer mattress, but adding a pillow-top could offer one comfortable compromise. 

As Richard Stealer, MD confirms, “a pillow-top can help create a softer layer on top of the mattress,” cradling your shoulders and hips, allowing those high-pressure areas to sink further into the mattress and keeping your lower back aligned. (4)

At the end of the day, we highly recommend trying different mattress materials and pillow-tops until you find the perfect combination for you that firmly supports your back, and also, provides you with the much-needed relief you’re looking for.

The Verdict: What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2020?

While each person has different needs and the perfect mattress will come down to a matter of personal comfort, one option does stand out as the best mattress for back pain in Australia: Tontine’s Comfortech Mattress.

Tontine offers superior support for all types of sleepers so you can be in the position you find most comfortable while still getting all of the spinal alignment and support your back needs. Plus, their 100-day risk-free trial offers anyone with back problems the chance to try out their mattress and see if it provides relief or your money back.

Want to browse more highly reviewed sleep surfaces, like Tontine’s Comfortech Mattress? If so, check out our master list of the best beds Australia has to offer today, and get better sleep tomorrow!


If you’re still unsure which mattress for back pain is right for you, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help guide you.

Mattress firmness will always come down to your own comfort level. However, a review of relevant research suggests that medium-firm mattresses have been found to offer the best support for back pain. (2)

Memory foam mattresses are generally made up of multiple layers of solid, dense foam that provides the firmness you need to support a painful lower back. In contrast, hybrid mattresses include a base layer of foam-surrounded pocket springs to give added spinal support for your back pain.

Your mattress’s lifespan will vary depending on its structure and material, but it is generally suggested to replace your mattress every 8-10 years to support your comfort and spinal health (5). 

Plus, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “Household disposable income grew 3.4%” in the most recent quarter at the time of writing this (6). That said, with the economy improving, perhaps now has never been a better time to take the plunge.

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