The Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

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So you’re interested in the Sleeping Duck Mattress, and you’ve read Sleeping Duck Mattress reviews, but you’re still not sure if it’s the right one bed for you. We can help.

If you want to learn more about the Sleeping Duck Mattress, keep reading. Our complete Sleeping Duck Mattress review covers everything you need to know, including its comfort level, unique customisation options, and much more.


  • Provides luxurious comfort in any sleeping position
  • Modular system lets you customise the firmness
  • Each bedmate can tailor their side to their preferences

Sleeping Duck service is exceptional! They’ve delivered on every promise. The mattress is so comfortable! None or little partner disturbance. Waking up feeling refreshed without aches and pains. Recommending it to everybody we speak to!

The Sleeping Duck Review

We’ll start our Sleeping Duck Pro mattress review by rating each of its key features:

Comfort – 5/5

The Sleeping Duck delivers superior comfort. Every component in the Sleeping Duck Mattress is made to provide cushioned support. If comfort is your number one requirement in a mattress, even beyond price, the Sleeping Duck Mattress is worth serious consideration.

Comfort starts with the Sleeping Duck Mattress’s BreatheTech cover. BreaheTech consists of a blend of bamboo fabric and elastane, making it soft and breathable with a slight stretch (1). Also, the BreatheTech Mattress Cover zips over the Sleeping Duck Mattress, so there’s no need for buttons. Without buttons, you can always feel the soft material against your skin, whether you’re a front, back, or side sleeper.

Next, the Sleeping Duck Mattress’s top layer of AntiGravity hyper adaptive foam provides additional comfort and support. This revolutionary AntiGravity foam combines two elements required for a great night’s rest. First, this advanced foam conforms to your body like a glove, and noticeably different from cheaper foams. It also resists indentation, so it moves with you as you change positions, and is built to last.

Of course, comfort depends on personal preferences, and what you consider comfortable can vary over time. For this, the Sleeping Duck Mattress uses a ComponentAdapt Customization System that allows you to switch between firm and medium high-fidelity pads to change each section of the mattress’s firmness (2).  

You can adjust your mattress firmness in the comfort of your own home, no professional installation is required.

Finally, the Motherboard Spring System adds the final element of support and cushioning. The twice-tempered IndestructSprings are arranged in body zones to lift your body and allow your spine to relax. When you can achieve spine neutrality, you’re less likely to suffer from pain and soreness (3).

…you should choose a mattress that provides support for the natural curve of your spine and is comfortable.

Materials 5/5

The cover of the mattress is the only part that directly touches your skin, so the material used can have a significant effect on your comfort. The Sleeping Duck Mattress does well in this category due to its bamboo fabric that’s ultra-soft and resists pilling. Plus, the mattress cover is machine washable, so you can clean it quickly.

Next, you have the surface foam used to make the top layer. Manufacturing the AirGrown foam in a pressure-controlled environment creates a structure made of hexacels, which provide the cushion of memory foam without impeding movement.

The AirGrown foam is also used in the ComponentAdapt Pressure pads. By adjusting the density of the foam, different firmness levels are available. However, no matter what firmness you choose, the same material benefits remain, such as moisture-wicking and indentation resistance.

Finally, the MotherBoard Support System uses individual springs with calibrated gauges. These IndestructSprings use twice-tempered steel to retain even buoyancy. Three springs heights (1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.3mm) are arranged to support the weight distribution of the human body, which includes about 20 pounds of bones but also around 30 pounds of muscle (4). The MotherBoard system’s springs offer extra support in the shoulders, hips, knees, and neck.   

Heat Dispersion 5/5

Several design elements work together to prevent mattress hotspots from forming underneath you while you sleep and otherwise keep the Sleeping Duck Mattress cool.

The bamboo fabric for the mattress cover has a design pattern that allows heat to move through it rather than spread across it. Your body heat is drawn down into the mattress, away from your skin, resulting in a cooler sleep.

The top layer of AntiGravity foam shifts position as you do, preventing impressions. As the foam moves, it allows heat to disperse instead of stay in one spot in the mattress.

Finally, the AirGrown foam within the modular padding sections has a unique construction to allow breathability. Traditional memory foam has a random microstructure, which obstructs interior air movement. However, the Air Grown foam consists of hexacles, which have a more rigid structure that allows air to flow freely without impairing the firmness of the Sleeping Duck Mattress.  

Lifespan 5/5

While specifics will vary based on use and environmental conditions, there are many reasons that help to guarantee that the Sleeping Duck Mattress will last for a long time.

First, both the AntiGravity foam in the top foam layer and the AirGrown foam in the ComponentAdapt system bounce back to their original shape when they’re not under pressure. This means they don’t sag or lump up over time. Even after many years, the Sleeping Duck Mattress should retain its original shape.

Also, the bamboo fabric cover acts as a barrier against bacteria and debris, so you shouldn’t face any problems related to mould or bugs. The interior foam sections additionally help wick away moisture to keep the Sleeping Duck Mattress dry.

Finally, the Sleeping Duck Mattress Team offers a 10-year warranty against excessive body imprints. While this warranty doesn’t cover every type of damage, it does provide reassurance that this mattress company is confident about its mattress’s design.

Price 4/5

You can find cheaper mattresses available, especially many pocket spring models and ones made with cheaper made foams. However, while you’ll pay a more premium price for the Sleeping Duck Mattress, it will be tough to find customisation options like this anywhere else.

Plus, Sleeping Duck offers a 100-night guarantee, so you don’t have to finalise your mattress purchase until you’re completely satisfied. You can use the three months to try different modular mattress pads, to customise the firmness for free.

Customising the layout during the trial period makes the most financial sense. If you want to adjust the firmness after 100 days with the Sleeping Duck Mattress, you’ll need to purchase new segments separately.

Sizing 5/5

The Sleeping Duck Mattress has enhanced perimeter zoning. The interior construction remains the same right up to the edge of the mattress, which increases the total sleeping area by 20%. This extra space means that a Queen-sized mattress can almost feel like a King.

Setup 4.5/5

The Sleeping Duck Mattress is compressed for easy shipping. When the mattress arrives, you’ll need to remove the mattress from the packaging by unraveling the attachment points in a specific order. Then, the Sleeping Duck Mattress will decompress.

The mattress has a top and bottom side, so you’ll need to make sure the white BreatheTech Cover faces up. However, the mattress doesn’t have any specific head or foot, so you can set up the Sleeping Duck Mattress in any direction. Total decompression time takes about three hours for this mattress.

Don’t Buy the Sleeping Duck If…

You want the look of a traditional mattress – Did you know the buttons on a mattress are entirely aesthetic (5)? They give the impression of luxury, but they create valleys on the surface of your mattress as well.  While the Sleeping Duck Mattress doesn’t have a traditional buttoned look, the mattress provides a greater surface area, allowing the foam layers underneath to deliver targeted support of your pressure points.

You want an organic mattress – While the Sleeping Duck Mattress’s BreatheTech cover, AntiGravity Surface Foam, and Motherboard Spring System are constructed with state of the art engineering and materials, they’re not necessarily “organic.” Organic mattresses usually feature 100% natural materials like tree-tapped sustainable latex rubber, certified organic cotton, and even 100% organic latex glue to hold the mattress together. In addition, they contain no polyurethane foams.

You want the cheapest option – There’s no question that the Sleeping Duck Mattress is comfortable. However, the Sleeping Duck’s unique technology and design used to deliver that comfort does have a more premium price. If a low price point is your top consideration when buying a mattress, check out these cheap options for some quality selections that won’t break your budget.

You want perfect comfort instantly – Some people order a Sleeping Duck Mattress and enjoy a great night’s rest the first night they use their Sleeping Duck. But it’s not that easy for everyone. To maximise your comfort on the Sleeping Duck Mattress, you might have to try out several different Sleeping Duck mattress mods. While sending them back and forth every 21 days during your 100-day trial can feel like a hassle, it’s the best way to create a mattress that fits your needs.

The Verdict

We’ll conclude our review of the Sleeping Duck Mattress with the final decision on whether you should buy it or not. If comfort is what you’re after, the bamboo-fabric Breathtech cover and AntiGravity foam deliver.

Another excellent feature is the Sleeping Duck Mattress’s easy customisation. The Sleeping Duck’s Component Adapt Customization System lets you adjust the support for your upper and lower body independently, and your bedmate can do the same. For many customers, the Sleeping Duck Mattress is a dream come true; but only you can be the final judge.

Now that you’ve read our Sleeping Duck review, you can also check out more of the best mattress brands, Australia; if you can’t get enough great options to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading our review of the Sleeping Duck Mattress, naturally, questions may arise. Here are the answers to the most common ones that potential buyers often ask. 

In our books, yes; the Sleeping Duck Mattress is worth it. Many people find the Sleeping Duck Mattress extremely comfortable. This mattress also provides targeted support to help alleviate pain in the neck, back, hips, and extremities. Although the Sleeping Duck Mattress does have a more premium price tag, the quality materials mean that it will last longer than most mattresses you’ll find, making it a solid value for the money.

All Sleeping Duck Mattresses are modular. This means you can switch out sections of padding between Medium and Firm, to tailor to your exact likings. Ultimately, it’s a rare option and an easy way to create customized support with your mattress. To change firmness pads, you contact SDHQ to arrange for the delivery of new mattress mods.

You can try the Sleeping Duck Mattress for 100 nights with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t completely love the mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Then, during your 100 night trial, you can order new mattress mods to customise the firmness.

Working with the SDHQ experts is the best way to create the most comfortable mattress possible.

Note that you do have limited opportunities to customise the Sleeping Duck Mattress for free. The Sleeping Duck Mattress Team requests that you sleep on each new mod for 21 nights to allow your body to adapt to them properly. Fortunately, their customer service reps are highly trained to help you select the best segments for your needs.  

Targeted support from your mattress can dramatically improve both mental and physical ailments. If your joints and muscles fall into twisted, uncomfortable positions during the night due to your mattress, you can suffer from prolonged mobility issues (6).

Absolutely! The Sleeping Duck Mattress’s modular mattress pads are arranged on two sides, making it great for two. You can easily customise each side of the Sleeping Duck Mattress in a completely different way, allowing two people to select their exact firmness preference.

Plus, the Sleeping Duck Mattress’s Anti-Gravity surface foam doesn’t transmit motion. Your partner can toss, turn, and even jump on the bed, and the Sleeping Duck Mattress will do all the work absorbing the agitation so you don’t have to.

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